Toward Comprehensive Reform of America’s Emergency Law Regime, Patrick Thronson

Patrick Thronson, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, March 23, 2013
‘’This Note draws on a variety of primary sources, primarily statutes, presidential orders, and other government documents. Federal law provides for presidential declarations of emergency that are analoguous to a ‘national emergency’ but are classified differently and trigger authorities beyond those activated by a declaration of national emergency. These additional types of emergencies include ‘national security emergency’ ‘catastrophic emergency’ ‘defense emergency’ ‘air defense emergency’ and ‘civil emergency’. The powers trigerred by declaring any of these emergencies are considered in the analysis presented below, the online companion, or both.’, p. 5’
‘’A ‘national emergency’ is the only type of emergency that the NEA mentions. See national Emergencies Act, 50 USC 1601-1651 (2006) However the legislative history of the NEA indicates that it was intended to regulate any declaration of national emergency.’’, p. 5, footnote 19

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